Quality Care

From your first walk through the door to your step out into the world with renewed vision, we want you to know you made the right choice of optometrists. With state-of-the-art equipment offering optimal technology and efficiency, you will receive the best treatment available for eye care. There’s no “puff in the eye” when we test your eyes. We take pride in our work and care for our customers. It should be easy and comfortable to get your eyes checked, and we go the extra mile to ensure it.

Comfortable & Spacious

Whether you’re coming for your own visit or tagging along with a patient, there’s plenty of space and things to do. For patients, comfort is second only to quality care. We want you to look forward to your visit, not wait for long, and be satisfied after. For visitors, we just want you to have a place to relax and some things to keep you occupied.

Extensive Selection of Eyewear

We almost make it hard to choose with such an wide array of brands and types of glasses and contact lenses. You should feel good about how you look, not just how well you see. From your eye exam to your final fitting and selection of frame or lens, we want you to be happy.

Great For Families

Bring your kids, whether they are patients or you just want them to tag along. Lifetime Optometry welcomes family, and for visiting kids, wants them to look forward to their time here as well. For child patients, every Thursday is Children’s Exam Day where we offer exams for only $39. Our “Under the Sea” themed playroom will keep them occuppied. Here, they can play video games, fish from a boat or read from a selection of story books.